The Omega Group USA is three extremely talented and bright young men in their respected fields who have come together offering their services in the medical arena.

Raymond Posa - Securing Your Practice

Ray is an expert and a leading authority on HIPAA Compliance for your medical practice. Ray will walk you step by step through the process of getting your practice up to speed in compliance. Ray shows small and medium sized medical practices how to leverage today’s technology to give them the competitive edge. With an extensive background in computer security from the military, Ray has emerged as a HIPAA expert and shows medical practices how to leverage the requirements of HIPAA into improved office efficiency and security.

Jeff Dingsor - Securing Your Internet Presence

Jeff is an award winning video producer and web developer who has worked with Ray Posa for a many years on web sites for doctors. HIPAA Compliance for the web is now more important than ever as we move forward in the electronic age, Jeff's expertise in HIPAA compliance will ensure that your website will be secure and compliant.

Mark Charnet - Securing Your Financial Future

Mark is with the American Prosperity Group and brings 35+ years of experience in the retirement and financial estate planning field to the table. He holds Life and Health Insurance licenses, and FINRA Series 6, 63, 26 and 65 Securities licenses. Mark's past experience includes his role as a Variable Contracts Principal and Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction for a National Broker Dealer.