If you want to be noticed on the web, it is important to understand what most people search for when they go to Google. Video is the most searched for item on the internet today.

It's a fact that websites that contain video get higher listings in search engines than websites that don't. Do you want to get noticed? Do you want more traffic to your site? Do you want more clients? Do you want to make more money? Of course you do...

ACME is dedicated to creating functional, and successful video websites for their clients: websites that not only stir the imagination, but catapult profit margins.

Your internet presence is completely dependent on the look, the feel, and the impact of your website. Let us help you to put your best foot forward in this rapidly changing and competitive medium.

At ACME, we combine technical expertise with a keen aesthetic sense to produce high quality videos.

Our Mission is to create well-crafted, informative and interesting videos for clients in the public and private sectors. One of the strongest services offered by ACME is our full-service video production company. Our ultimate satisfaction is derived from seeing production after production through to our client’s high standard of satisfaction.

Think about it this way: If instead of visiting your web site, your prospect walked into your place of business. Would you direct your prospect to a stack of pre-printed sales material containing text and graphics, or would you talk to him in person and answer any questions he may have?

Because your website is your face to the world, why should you try and conduct business any differently online? If you believe that all it takes to be successful on the web is a steady flow of visitors seeing some plain text and graphics, it probably is already reflected in your sales.


Bible Based Emergency Preparation

Dr. Rick Young is a deeply committed Christian with over four decades devotion to Jesus Christ. He is a retired senior special agent with almost twenty-nine years of experience in Federal law enforcement. This is the full interview we shot of him for his ministry website.

Sea Girt 5k

We designed and host the Sea Girt 5K website and we shot this video of the race for their site this year.

The Omega Group, USA

The Omega Group USA is three extremely talented and bright young men in their respected fields who have come together offering their services in the medical arena.

Steve Ratti, Induction Ceremony Intro Video

We edited this for our client NJ MediaWorks who works with RATTI REPORT. See what can be done with great editing effects, a smart script design, and a fantastic sound-alike voice-over artist that adds to the humor?